Windows 10

I bit the bullet and upgraded my laptop to Windows 10. I don’t trust it enough to attempt it on my desktop so this will have to do.

First impression? They’re asking for a lot of information. I’ve basically turned off any of the reporting tools and have made sure not to sign into any MS account.

After turning off all of the pretty animations and transparency options it seems to work OKish. We’ll see how long it last and wait to see how long it takes for some of the hidden privacy features to be removed.

Server Move

Just noticed I’d not written anything in many months. Some updates include:

  • Activated and messing around on several projects on GitHub
    • The main one of which is the asset storage system (codenamed larder) I keep trying each year
  • Joined up with vultr for server hosting
  • Moved both the larder install I’ve written and my blog from Dreamhost to Vultr

I moved mostly because as much as I liked Dreamhost, the server speed for someone here in New Zealand was terrible. No matter what there’d be several seconds of delay for simply loading a bare application. I chalk that up to distance and latency.

With Vultr, not only do I get a cheap VPS (which I’ve installed and setup how I want myself which is a lot of fun) but I can locate it pretty close (Australia). So for me at least both sites run lightning fast.

They’re pretty cheap, about $5 a month for the basic server, so I’d definitely recommend them (that’s a referral link, but here’s a plain link too).

Now to see how well I go at finishing off everything and getting the larder app all running again.

Moving from Windows

I’ve got a laptop that was running Windows 7 that I have barely used. So I decided to install Linux on it, to make developing easier.

I ended up picking Ubuntu because I was familiar how it works and I’ve tried it before.

Attempt #1 – Dual Booting Windows / Ubuntu

The install ran like a dream, I booted from my CD with the distro on it and installed Ubuntu in a side drive. All seemed perfect until I rebooted. I could not get the boot loader to recognise there were two operating systems on board.

Consider it a fail.

Attempt #2 – Ubuntu (+ Encrypted Drive)

I ended up backing up my documents and wiping the drive completely, installing Ubuntu on its own. Since the option was available I chose to encrypt the hard drive.

Seemed to work for a while. Unfortunately I started to get some errors – (of the variety “Ubuntu has encountered an error – send details” with no details).

I figured the encryption wasn’t worth it, so went for attempt 3.

Attempt #3 – Ubuntu

The final attempt appeared to work great. It all installed fine, and I was able to install my development tools such as Sublime Text.

That lead on to my next problem – Unity. It was acceptable, aside from the lack of customisation. My biggest problem is the search menu linking with Amazon. I know, I can turn it off (somehow) but that plus the clunkiness made me miss Windows (at least I can customise the desktop a bit).

So I’ve switched over to Gnome 3, and along with the tweak tool I’ve turned it into something I actually like. Ubuntu is great, but I’ll skip Unity until it works out the bugs. It boots damn fast and I definitely don’t miss Windows on that laptop (that’s what my desktop is for!)

What’s excellent though is being able to run a Laravel project without Vagrant!